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The Key To Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra’s Intense Love May Lie In Their Venus Indications

have you ever heard the information? About Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra? they’re like, so in love, you guys.

Oh what’s that? you have heard? truly, it’s no surprise, due to the fact the 26-year-ancient and his 36-12 months-historical bride were flaunting their relationship at each turn, from their three (totally publicized) marriage ceremony receptions, to their regular Instagram PDA, to each paparazzi-tailed experience in between.

but there could be anything to that over-the-top love vogue of theirs, and it goes past simply their normal solar indications (Nick is a Virgo and Priyanka is a cancer).

For InStyle’s weekly astrological compatibility column, The Fault In Our Stars’ Stars, we teamed up with Courtney Perkins of the freakishly accurate (and hilarious) @notallgeminis...

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