Columbus Florist Helps Design Glide In Noted Rose Parade

Robin Hendrix-Salzwedel had a brand new year’s Day she received’t quickly forget.

Hendrix-Salzwedel, proprietor of Secret backyard Floral in Columbus, participated in the 130th Rose Parade in sunny Pasadena, California. She came to Pasadena to volunteer for the famous New yr’s parade, whatever thing she has all the time wanted to do, and that grew to become into a chance to assist design a glide.

“once I advised them i was a florist and i owned a flower store, they let me go in and in fact work on the floral design of 1 of the floats,” Hendrix-Salzwedel talked about.

She mentioned typically Rose Parade volunteers support clear flora, paint pedals and glue beads onto the floats. however, Hendrix-Salzwedel was capable of make floral arrangements, making them seem appealing as they basked within the California sunshine.

“I acquired to move up on proper of the floats to make arrangements,” Hendrix-Salzwedel mentioned. “It became pretty excellent.”

Hendrix-Salzwedel labored on a drift representing the city of South Pasadena. The go with the flow, named “Three Little Birds,” turned into chosen because the metropolis mayor’s favourite go with the flow.

Hendrix-Salzwedel’s hard work paid off. Parade organizers have already requested her to come to subsequent 12 months’s experience. She noted the total journey made for an unforgettable go back and forth. grand opening stand grand opening stand

“We got to work with all of those very high priced, exotic, tropical plants,” Hendrix-Salzwedel said. “there have been lots of greenbacks value of orchids and birds of paradise, so that became enjoyable to see all that. It turned into unique.”

Hendrix-Salzwedel noted the people she met and labored with had been friendly and encouraging. amongst them had been the waft’s lead fashion designer and director of construction.

“They have been excited to have a fashion designer to return and basically work with them,” Hendrix-Salzwedel said.

once the flow turned into ready, it became time to hit the parade route. Hendrix-Salzwedel sat on high-rise bleachers for a great view of the parade.

“We obtained to peer the entire floats the day before the parade too, in order that was cool,” she referred to.

Hendrix-Salzwedel’s floral store, Secret backyard, is smartly time-honored in downtown Columbus. For the past two years, the shop has participated in Petal it ahead Day, dazzling americans in Columbus with two clean bundles of flora. The thought is for americans to accept one bundle and pass the different one onto someone special, as a result “petaling it ahead.” Hendrix-Salzwedel hopes to continue the gracious giveaway for years to come back.

As she returns to Wisconsin, Hendrix-Salzwedel leaves the Golden State with fond recollections.

“As a floral fashion designer to be capable of do that and work on that was basically a privilege. It become so lots enjoyable,” Hendrix-Salzwedel observed. “It became a great researching experience. I’m pleased they requested me returned for next year because it changed into this kind of enjoyable adventure.”

Secret garden Floral is determined at one hundred fifteen N. Ludington St.

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