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Can you remember the days when there were no computers? There is a famous Indian newspaper Australia that serves all the Indians in Melbourne and Sydney with the local news. Many people will simply not consider other possibilities, seemingly outlandish at first, yet will tend to believe unquestionably information derived from news bulletins, heavily laden with propaganda and untruths that suit the underlying agenda. That is great news. The first thing my friends say when they hear my story is “That’s great. You’re going to be fine now.” And then there’s a pause, a second take. The Internet is a great equalizer – and a user will not forgive an organization because of its size, if it has missing, incomplete or old content on its Website. The initial and most obvious conclusion will be that short term figures don’t tell us anything. It’s not enough for them to tell what has happened, but they are now telling us what is going to happen!

Bob Gates is going to change things at the Defense Department, and change them quick. Robert Gates the new incoming Secretary of Defense is this President’s second attempt to reach out to his father’s advisors to HELP HIM. He fantasized about jumping out a window because, according to Abraham, neither illness nor aging were necessary, so why do either? The lawyer says that it appears so, but asks why Bob did not return to his office after the six months had passed. Take Action – There is a reason why so many commercial enterprises and not-for-profit charities and community organizations partner up for special events – it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Gates was there all the time, a totally professional intelligence analyst who is the only CIA career employee to rise from the bottom to become Director. Gates was a student of Brent Scowcroft (former National Security Advisor), as was Condolezza Rice, our Secretary of State.

If the Iraq Study Group chaired by former Secretary of State Baker, gives the President some very tough advice on Iraq, he just might take it. This President is in trouble, and the people who surrounded him called the Neo-Cons got him into the mess he’s in. McNamara left, and Lyndon Johnson installed Clark Clifford, one of my heroes who was a legal advisor to every Democratic President since Harry Truman. The President has been constantly underestimated by his opponents. One, he underestimated the post Iraq war need for US troop levels. The child will need to receive regular medical care and the parents will need to provide home treatments as well. Bush will not have any part of it. For this reason, the freight industry will now receive part of the £500 million to invest in ultra-low emission vehicles. The President’s team, and therefore the President FAILED in the EXECUTION of a policy that could have worked had it been implemented properly, perhaps, we will never know.

For the moment, the pressure on President Bush can only get worse. Johnson thought that Clifford would turn into an absolute HAWK on Viet Nam, and turn up the pressure on the war. Clifford was even Joe Kennedy’s lawyer, the father of the future slain President. Check out this Qantas Future Planet video from our hands-on ‘Scientist for a Day’ at our Babinda Reef Carbon Project site. The third, pulling out all stops, was for three weeks. James Baker and the Iraq Study Group in the next couple of weeks will be his second response. Most people think Secretary of State James Baker called the shots, that’s only partially correct. We think that’s realistically, on our road to recovery, about as much as we’re going to be able to realistically achieve. Yes, I think it does the job well enough, and the large screen size is good for people like me.

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