Swimsuit Bikini Body Painting Ideas For The Beach

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The art of wearing a body paint instead of a real bikini has become a new trend these days, and you are going to discover how you can enjoy this fun idea too. A metal art chair is not just a chair made out of metal. The bokeh quality of this lens at full aperture of f/2 is exceptional, and, due to it’s close focus abilities, you can really throw the background out of focus. The photo was taken with my X-T1 and 35mm lens and converted later in the workshop to a black and white negative that you can see at the top of the photo above. A common cool light skin tone would be titanium white mixed with alizarin crimson with a touch of cadmium red. Wish you could match the color scheme of your painting a little bit more? As with any filter used in digital photography, it is best to spend a little extra for a higher grade filter mount, optical glass, and coating of the glass.

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